Asamat Baltaev

Asamat Baltaev

(28. 11. 1991)

Asamat Baltaev is considered one of the most talented medal makers of the young generation. In his twenty-three years he has achieved many realizations, including a coin for the Czech National Bank. He originates from the Republic of Chuvashia (also Suvar Republic), which is part of the Russian Federation. He chose to come to study in the Czech Republic at the suggestion of his father, a prominent engraver, who once lived in Turnov and Prague. Asamat first studied at the Secondary school of applied arts and the college of craft in Turnov, then he graduated from the College of craft in Jablonec nad Nisou. In Turnov he devoted himself to engraving, in Jablonec then he focused directly on medals. His first realization was the castle Rabí (realization for the Czech Mint), his first work for the Prague Mint was the set of medallions „Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité“. In the Czech Republic, where he has found many friends as well as artistic paragons to follow, he would like to stay and keep developing his craft. Asamat Baltaev is keen on works of significant Czech artists, to which especially his teachers from Turnov and Jablonec belong. He has a great respect for the work and legacy of the legendary artist Jiří Harcuba, who Asamat had the possibility to meet.



When and why did you first come to the Czech Republic?

First I arrived in 2007 to take an entrance examination, which took place in December. I passed the exam and then started to study. I came to the Czech Republic thanks to my parents actually. My dad lived in Turnov and Prague twenty-six years ago, it was because of the exchange of art school students. At that time, some students went to St. Petersburg, another part of students here. He liked this place very much, took a brochure about the school in Turnov and prayed that his offspring could study right in the Czech Republic one day. When then the decicion was to be taken, where I should study, my mother set off for this school and enrolled me on the admission procedure. Never before had she been to the European Union before, she even could not speak the language, but still she managed to find Turnov and arrange a pleasant stay for me there. 

Which specialization did you choose first?

I went to an engraver, because my dad is engraver. First I studied at the Secondary school of applied arts and the college of craft in Turnov. In the fourth year, the school offered me to attend the symposium on the College of craft in Jablonec nad Nisou. There I saw the ateliers, I was talking with teachers, and so I figured out to continue with the studies and develop the craft in the branch right there. So I joined also the Jablonec College of craft. My parents were happy, they wanted me to stay in the Czech Republic and continue to improve my skills. In Turnov I kept studying engraving, in Jablonec then is was mainly the medals. 

How many titles have you managed to realize?

Well, the first realization was the castle Rabí. It was the final examination work at the College of craft, and my design was then chosen by the Czech Mint. Another was the title of „40 compatriots“, where the medal design depicts famous sightseeings of the Liberec Region. In my sophomore year, I designed a series of medallions for the Prague Mint called „Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité“. I would also mention the medal with the famous storybook reed imp Rákosníček. Then I have won a number of competitions, like the design for the medal minted on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Business Academy in Liberec. My design was also realized on the tokens “Jablonec farthing”. Here my work was just a design drawing, but the plaster model was created by my teacher Mr. Oplištil. What has been a great success for me, it is the realization of my coin design “Ferroconcrete bridge in Karviná-Darkov”, which issued from the contest for the Czech National Bank.


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