Prague Mint


Prague Mint Medalists
Historically medalists were typically also involved in producing their designs, and were usually either sculptors or goldsmiths by background.

In modern times medallists are mostly primarily sculptors of larger works, but in the past the number of medals and coins produced were sufficient to allow specialists who spent most of their career producing them. From the 19th century the education of a medalist often began with as an engraver, or a formal education in an academy, particularly modeling and portraiture. On coins a mark or symbol signifying the medalist as the original designer was often included in a hidden location on the coin and is not to be mistaken for the symbol of the mint master. Artistic medals and plaquettes are often signed prominently by the artist. Artistic medals have been produced since the late Renaissance period, and, after some classical precedents and Late Medieval revivals, the form was essentially invented by Pisanello, who is credited with the first portrait medal, which has remained a very popular type.