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3D Coin Modeling (Computer modeling of relief.) - Custom minting
Computer modeling of relief.

Digital scan of a plaster is necessary to prepare for machining. Each artist is using different techniques for making his work, therefore, each prepared plaster requires specific approach. One of the most common adjustments is correction of heights, because an artist cannot predict it accurately, but in a computer preview we can see exactly which part of relief needs to be raised or lowered. Another common adjustment is retouching. A plaster like a material can be worn out, and some deficiencies can appear on it, as a variety of bubbles or unwanted scratches. All of these deficiencies must be effaced. Once the relief is treated, parameters for a final die are determined, which tools will machine a certain die, and these data are sent to manufacturing.

Example of computer modeling by Otakar Hošek
Example of computer modeling

3D modeling is also used to replace the classic process for plaster model manufacturing. The reason may be customer’s request for cost-saving production of coins, or time pressure.