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Model Reduction (Classic plaster model reduction machine can replace CNC machining.) - Custom minting
Model Reduction
The classic model reduction can replace machining.

There are customers, who appreciate the traditional form of steel dies production on reducing mechanical machine.

Example of wax model reduction
Example of wax model reduction

Before reduction, it is necessary to cast a silicone mold, and then resin duplicate of the original plaster model. The wax model is transferred with a pressure reducing machine (pantograph) either directly negatively on a die work surface, or positively on a matrix from which it is later printed onto the die. Reducing machine is also called, probably after its inventor, Janvier reducing machine. The machine transmits elevations with a system of touch needles from the model directly onto the prepared piece of steel of actual coin size, and engrave it into metal dies directly using engraving needles.

Example of wax model reduction
Example of wax model reduction

The advantage of this procedure is totally accurate transfer of all details of the plaster model into the die. During manufacturing process by mechanical manner there is no digital coin print.