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Plaster Model - Custom minting
Hand modelling by artist, medalist.

A plaster model of future coin is created by modelling from material. Another technique is engraving to plaster. This technique is used mainly by the artists who can manage the engraving work procedures. The difficulty of this way of work consists of necessity to dig a future shape of relief in a reversed way. The use of these traditional handicraft techniques guarantee a high artistic significance of coins and medals, which are implemented in the workshops of the Prague Mint.

Example of plaster model
Example of plaster model

Behind each draft, there is a personality of academic sculptor or painter chosen by client. Around thirty renowned artists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia cooperate with us. Each of them has their own distinctive style of an artistic expression. You can familiarize yourself with their profile and a summary of completed work on the website "Medalists of Prague Mint..."

Example of plaster model
Example of plaster model

The dutiful production of model, and careful shaping of every detail is worth the high artistic value of coins, which is the boast of the Prague mint. The final plaster model prepared by artist according to drafts has usually a diameter of 20 centimeters.