Pražská mincovna: Z důvodu celozávodní dovolené (22.7.-4.8.) je dostupnost výrobků mincovny omezena.


High quality, traditional
precious metals products.

Prague Mint
Engraving Adjustments (Reducing and machining mistakes must be manually corrected.) - Custom minting
Engraving Adjustments
The original finished matrix, according to which the die is formed, is waiting for long hours of engraving adjustments. During them, an engraver, equipped with microscope and fine instruments, patiently corrects the slightest inaccuracy directly on the steel die. The final form of stamping side is complemented with a hallmark, which must be registered by the Assay Office.

Manual die editing
Manual die editing

Manual die editing

Precision and concentration. These are the words describing this stage of manufacturing process of a coin.